Innovations in lightweight construction have really opened the door to construction styles that offer numerous advantages over traditional brick and masonry approaches to building. These include:

Acoustic properties – our lightweight building systems such as Hebel offer good acoustic performance and are used extensively in multi-residential complexes
Cost effective – lightweight construction products are generally less expensive than traditional masonry products. And because fewer skilled tradespeople are needed on site – combined with a reduced construction time – labour and site costs are also significantly less.
Aesthetically pleasing – lightweight construction offers substantial design flexibility, allowing you to achieve a beautiful finish that matches the visual style you’re after. Newer state-of-the art polystyrene products such as Exsulite can be used to create a wide range of highly attractive finishing touches.
Strong and sold – our autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) products such as Hebel, are made from lightweight concrete reinforced with steel. This gives them an impact resistance that’s comparable to brick.
Faster construction – with lightweight construction you’ll slash building time considerably and complete the project sooner.
Fire retardant – Empower Construction’s autoclave aerated concrete products such as Hebel are highly fire resistant and have been tested by the CSIRO to achieve a fire resistance level from 90 minutes to 240 minutes.
Energy efficient – lightweight construction products are highly regarded for their thermal properties, and generate less energy usage over their lifetime. The fact that they are also made locally in Australia and are easy to transport to site also diminish environmental impact during the building phase.

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