As an independent company, Empower Construction works with a range of Australia’s leading suppliers of lightweight construction materials.

We have a thorough understanding of the characteristics and performance capability of each product, and can advise on the best choice or mix of products to deliver the outcome you’re seeking.

With many years of experience and a diverse portfolio of successful projects, we’re increasingly called upon to offer our opinion to builders and architects to help them achieve their lightweight construction objectives.

Talk to us today and you’ll quickly see why Empower Construction is the trusted expert in all aspects of lightweight construction.

To get maximum performance and durability from your lightweight building materials, it is essential to use specialised coating systems to protect them.

Empower Construction offers a complete, one-stop lightweight construction solution. This includes applying quality coating systems that provide a powerful barrier to weather and other damaging elements.

With many years of experience in installing and rendering lightweight construction, we know the right products to use for each type of product and environment.

We are also renowned for our close attention to detail and for the fine quality finish we achieve on each job.

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