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Empower Construction has extensive experience in CSR Hebel installation, and has supplied and installed the cladding it in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Hebel is a lightweight steel-reinforced autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) that is ideal for walls, floors and fencing. It is available in block or panel form. The Hebel PowerPanel – a 75mm thick, steel reinforced building panel ­– is supplied in lengths of 2400mm to 3300mm for standard widths of 600mm.

Attractive and modern looking, CSR Hebel PowerPanel offers numerous advantages including:

fasterFaster construction
Hebel PowerPanels can be constructed rapidly and with fewer trades needed, compared with traditional masonry construction. This means reduced site costs and quicker progression to lock up stage and completion. Building with Hebel also creates a cleaner and safer worksite, with less clean up needed at the end of the project.

energyefficientLightweight yet strong
As a high performance masonry product, Hebel is as strong and as tough as bricks. Independent tests show that a rendered Hebel PowerPanel has comparable impact resistance to brick (Report 0164 Orica 06.09.05)..

energyefficientThermal comfort
Hebel’s unique AAC construction gives it exceptional insulation properties. As a result, dependence on cooling and heating appliances is reduced, cutting energy usage and costs.

fireHigh fire resistance
Hebel is non-combustible and highly regarded for its fire resistance. The PowerPanel system complies with all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements. It achieves a FRL (Fire Resistance Level) from 90 minutes through to 240 minutes (tested at CSIRO).

acousticGood acoustic performance
Hebel pioneered the introduction of lightweight wall panels providing acoustic performance levels at or above Rw + Ctr = 50 in high rise multi-residential buildings.

aestheticallyEnvironmental benefits
Hebel delivers a variety of environmental benefits compared with brick and concrete. An independent Life Cycle Assessment (used to quantify the environmental impacts of a product’s entire life) found that Hebel had clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria.

This assessment was carried out by Good Environment Choice Australia in accordance with international standard ISO 14 024.

To achieve this rating, products must have a 30% lower impact than alternatives. Hebel uses 61% and 64% less embodied energy and 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer respectively.

Hebel has been well known in Australia for 20 years, however it has been used in Europe for more than 70 years. The Hebel products we supply are manufactured in Australia.

We would be pleased to discuss with you the merits of using Hebel PowerPanels or Hebel blocks in your construction project. Contact us today to learn more.

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